Reasons to Try Tennis Lessons as an Adult

Reasons to Try Tennis Lessons as an Adult

11 March 2022
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When you decide to take on a new sport, your mind may not jump straight to tennis. If it does, you're opening yourself up to a world of benefits. While you may associate tennis lessons with being most suitable for children and teenagers, they have plenty of benefits for adults too. Here are some of the benefits of tennis lessons

Enhance Your Reaction Times

Your tennis proficiency depends on your refining skills that will enhance your reaction times. Alongside needing to anticipate what your opponent will do next, you'll need excellent hand-eye coordination. You'll also develop the ability to enact counter strikes that give you the upper hand against your opponent. Whether you're playing casually or trying the sport with a view to competing at some level, your reaction times should improve. 

Boost Your Bone Density

Tennis is a weight-bearing activity. As you move around the court at speed, your body mass and gravity will interact with one another consistently. Thanks to a combination of dynamic movements and gravity, your bone density should improve. As you get older, your bone density is at risk of declining. By engaging in an activity that improves it, you can reduce your risk of conditions such as osteoporosis.

Lower Cholesterol

In general, any cardiovascular exercise can help you lower your LDL cholesterol. However, when you choose one that's as high-energy as tennis, you're giving yourself the chance to lower your cholesterol faster. High-energy exercise stimulates the enzymes that shift bad cholesterol into your liver. In doing so, it increases your likelihood of the enzymes bringing your bad cholesterol into a reasonable balance. Overall, the more energetic exercise you engage in, the more you'll excrete your LDL cholesterol.

Supercharge Your Brain

Do you sometimes feel as though your brain could do with a boost? Tennis lessons could help you supercharge it. As tennis requires fast reactions and critical thinking, you'll strengthen the neural pathways that help you form memories and learn new skills. It also releases serotonin and dopamine, both of which can enhance your mood and help you focus. If you burn through your stress hormones with tennis, you should also find that you sleep better. A better night's sleep is always good for your brain both in the short and long term.

After a few lessons, you may feel as though you want to compete. If that happens, look at further tennis coaching. And even if you aren't a natural at tennis, you should experience the above benefits anyway.

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